Due to the fortunate geographical position, Rocca di Montalbino is located right in the heart of Tuscany. Postcard landscapes and important cities of art alternate offering a unique range of places to visit.

Florence, the capital of Tuscany, remains one of the most beautiful and most visited cities in the world, with its museums, its squares and monuments, its events, its folklore, undoubtedly an unmissable stop for all those seeking to spend a holiday in Tuscany. 

But between the architectural gems of Tuscany, a holiday destination no less renowned of Florence, is  Pisa, less than one hour from Rocca di Montalbino.  As such, the famous city of the leaning tower is easily reachable.

Siena also and the spectacular landscapes of its territory are only approximately 50 minutes away from Rocca not to mention Piazza del Campo, the exciting setting of the traditional Palio of the Tuscan town, which will be expecting you.

Small gems, no less beautiful than the most famous cities, surround Rocca di Montalbino and make Tuscany a land that is truly rich in surprises and unforgettable places. Such as San Gimignano precious and unique, so much so that it has been declared a "UNESCO World Heritage Site".  Another timeless place is Monteriggioni, a medieval citadel that sits on a hill, surrounded by still intact walls and towers with their profile proud; the true gateway to Tuscany in the Middle Ages.


  • Firenze - 30 min.
  • Pisa - 50 min.
  • Siena - 50 min.
  • San Gimignano - 30 min.
  • Monteriggioni - 45 min.
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84 MQ - 6+2 sleeps


43 MQ - 2+2 sleeps


120 MQ - 6+2 sleeps


72 MQ - 4+2 sleeps


137 MQ - 10+2 sleeps